Hunter & Sydney

Each year, I take pictures between Hunter and Sydney’s birthday (they are three years and three weeks apart). This year, Hunter is turning 7 and Sydney 4. I can’t believe how old they look! I’m sure I’ll be saying this again every year, but it’s amazing to see how fast they are growing and changing. Taking pictures of your own children is not an easy process. They have very short attention spans with any photo shoot I try to organize because they are so used to me taking pictures all the time. So this year, I didn’t warn them. We just went to a little park in Seguin and I took a few shots. Not exactly a ‘professional’ shoot, but it exemplifies my style. Simple. Happy. Real. And no…they are not always hugging and smiling at each other. We have officially entered the realm of, “he’s touching my side” or “he’s looking out my window” or “she stepped on my legos!” … but, at the end of the day, they are great kids and a we are very lucky to be a loving family.


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