Sydney & The Beast

In our house, not only do we play dress up–we use our imagination to design an All about Me styled photo shoot 😉

What can I say…this girl is a mess. A sassy, crazy, funny girly girl. She oozes personality and it’s hard not to find yourself laughing when she’s being a ham. One afternoon, I asked her if she could dress up as anyone, who would it be? Her answer—Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Once that crown came out, so did her princess persona. Surprisingly, it was actually a little more difficult to coax a big smile out of her (she felt a dignified stare was more fitting). Our little rescue dog named Pepper even decided to make an appearance towards the end. It was perfect. Sydney screamed, look mommy it’s The Beast and motioned her closer so she could give her a hug.

I will be offering All About Me sessions designed to capture the unique personalities and interests of kids ages 2-16 this summer. Message me if you’re interested!


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