All About Hillary!


This is my niece, Hillary. At age 9, she is tall and beautiful just like her momma. She also has naturally curly hair—very, very curly hair. After a few days of swimming and playing outside, it became very tangled. So, during a visit to our house, my husband (the big softy that he is) decided to take the girls to the salon to get their hair done while I was away at a conference. After a couple of hours of brushing, conditioning and blow drying, it was finally done and completely straight. Sydney, my daughter (with fine straight hair), came away looking like a round cheeked baby Farah Fawcett and Miss Hillary looked like a little Barbie doll with hair that looked like it grew almost a foot! Immediately, we realized that they looked way too grown up! Where did our little girls go?!


To commemorate the occasion, I wanted to photograph an ‘All About Me’ session to highlight Hillary’s sweet and sassy personality. We pulled together a boho-chic ensemble (thank you clearance rack at Target) and waited until just before sunset. We had a bright and calm evening that wasn’t too hot so it was perfect. She did amazing and loved every minute of it. I adore the combination of silly, sassy and fierce looks she was giving. This age is the ideal time to document the development of children just between the space of being a little kid and growing into a pre-teen and young adult. And boy, I can’t believe she is already nearly there. I remember holding this girl as a newborn. They grow up way too fast!

Scroll down to view a sampling from the images I captured. If you are interested in booking a similar session, please send me a message 🙂

Also, click here for another example of an All About Me Session with Sydney.


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