Ram’s Journey

Something a little different! I have done a lot of individual portrait sessions around important life events like graduating and having a new baby; however, this was my first time to photograph anyone in uniform. This summer, Megan contacted me about taking a few pictures of her husband, Ram with his patrol car and uniform. Due to a promotion, he had to turn in all of his gear and his car. And although the promotion was definitely a wonderful thing, it was also bittersweet to be losing those things that have been such a big part of his life for so many years. Due to the profession, Ram didn’t have many photos of him in his uniforms to look back on and remember that time. This is why I love what I do! If just for a moment, a portrait session can help you push the pause button on life. I’m honored that I was selected for the job and I hope the Nava family can look back on these images for generations to come.

P.S. Since we took these out at our property, it was also very amusing to see all of our neighbors questioning looks as they drove by my house only to see a State Trooper parked out front with all his gear. I love living in the country and having great people all around us. It was even nicer that we had more than one person call or stop and ask if everything was alright 🙂










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