Piper Maternity

I have a special place in my heart for maternity photos. It’s such a memorable milestone in a woman’s life and to have the opportunity to preserve that phase for her is an amazing gift. My latest session for Piper was noteworthy not only because she’s a friend, but also due to the fact that I could share one of my all-time favorite locations with her out on our family land.

Piper and James met me in La Vernia on a clear Sunday evening so we could drive out into the field searching for that gorgeous light seeping through the trees. Three things were clear right at the start. 1) Piper looked stunning in her pale pink maxi dress; 2) The colors in the sky were hinting at what would become a fierce sunset; and 3) I knew we’d have fun because James and Piper are an awesome couple and they also brought two special props for the session with the cutest backstories.

“Peaches” the bunny made her debut in this session towards the end –and the story behind her origin is too cute for words. Years ago, James and Piper made Peaches at a Build-a-Bear together. She lasted with them through many years and moves to different cities, states and apartments. And now, they are finally ready to share her with their daughter! Scroll down below to see a sampling from our session which includes Miss Peaches, one of James’ childhood Curious George books and a breathtakingly beautiful sunset! It was hard to pick our favorites for this one.


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