Lauren + Brandon

I absolutely loved spending time with Brandon and Lauren during their engagement session at the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. We had the best time walking around the enormous granite dome and finding some amazing pockets of light. This was the second December in a row that I was asked to photograph engagements here —and once again, we were blessed with 70+ degree weather and no heavy winds. It was warm, but all in all an idyllic setting for a magical evening.

And let me just say…Brandon and Lauren make the cutest couple! Their story began 5 years ago when Brandon moved from Florida to Texas. They met under the not so romantic florescent lights of a corporate office, but over the next two years, their friendship blossomed into a romance. After several hiking adventures and fun dates, they discovered shared interests and became inseparable.

Enchanted Rock was the perfect locale for their engagement photos because it was the site of one of their first dates. Over the course of a few hours, we hiked some of the lower trails and then started our ascent towards the summit in their formal outfits. Not only were these two complete naturals at the poses I threw at them, but we laughed and had a great time along the way. They knocked it out of the park!

“Magical, Mystical and Enchanted”‘ — This headline is listed on the park’s website making it altogether even more fitting as the optimal location for their pics for yet another reason. Aside from their love of the outdoors, Lauren and Brandon also share a love of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! They decided to work in some subtle (albeit awesome) tributes to the Gryffindor colors throughout both the engagement session and the upcoming wedding. We also snuck in a few wand shots including and epic silhouette at the very end 🙂

Scroll down below to see a sampling from their session. I’m so excited to see how their details come together for the wedding in 2020! Congrats to Brandon and Lauren!


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